Obviously I don’t blog very often. I’m working on it. I’d like to think that it’s because none of my couples have anything to learn from me, but unfortunately I keep running into some of the same issues over and over again.

The music at your reception can make or break your party, but the music at your ceremony may be more important. This isn’t the moment to cut corners. Your ceremony can be ruined by an ipod that gets locked out or a friend of a friend who isn’t paying attention. It’s best if you ask your DJ or hire a professional musician, but if money is a factor here are some things to keep in mind.

Make sure you ask a good friend or family member to be responsible for the music. I once had a wedding where the person in charge of the music was the roommate of the out of town friend who had just happened to tag along for the weekend. He didn’t know the couple and didn’t care about the ceremony and ended up ruining the couple’s entrance. Know the person who is running your music. Know the person who is helping you on your special day.
Have a rehearsal. We always practice how to walk up and down the aisle, but for some reason people never practice with their music. It’s so important to practice the timing of each song and when your attendants will walk down the aisle. Have your friend attend the rehearsal so they can practice too.
Know your equipment. If you rent a fancy sound system, buy a bluetooth speaker from Amazon or borrow a system from your neighbor make sure you understand how to set it up and test it several times before you use it at your wedding. Put fresh batteries in the microphone, make sure the balance is adjusted to avoid feedback and have an extra long extension cord. Likewise, take the passcode off your phone or ipad for the ceremony and make a playlist that is easily accessible for whomever is running the sound. If your sound system is ready then you will be too.
Don’t count on me to run your music. You’ve hired me to take care of getting you down the aisle and to make sure your reception goes well. I have to line you up and deal with anything that might come up. I may be out of range of the sound system. I might be distracted by something else. I may have to leave your ceremony to make sure that the reception is ready for you. That means that I am not a good person to count on for your musical needs.

Consider these things when planning your ceremony and you will have a wonderful day.